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Dear Teachers, Students, Parents, and Community Members,

I am thrilled to welcome you all to another exciting year at Ben Brite Elementary! As the proud Principal, I am honored to stand at the helm of a school community driven by the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of collaboration.

At Ben Brite, we believe that strong leadership and meticulous planning lay the foundation for success. This year, we are committed to guiding our students on a journey of growth and discovery, ensuring they have the tools they need to reach their full potential. Our dedicated team of educators is here to inspire, support, and nurture each student's unique talents.

Our teachers are not just educators; they are mentors and guides, empowered with the resources and training to deliver effective and engaging lessons. We recognize that well-supported teachers are pivotal to the success of our students, and we are invested in providing them with the professional development and encouragement they deserve.

A positive school culture is the heartbeat of Ben Brite. It's a culture that fosters respect, kindness, and inclusivity. We are a family, working together to create a safe and welcoming environment where every student feels valued and empowered to learn.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our high-quality curriculum. We have carefully crafted a curriculum that challenges and captivates young minds, igniting a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. This year, we're excited to offer a range of enriching experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Effective instruction is our promise to you. Our teachers are dedicated to employing innovative teaching methods that cater to various learning styles, ensuring that every student grasps and applies the concepts they encounter. Learning at Ben Brite is not just about memorization, but about critical thinking, problem-solving, and real-world application.

As we embark on this new academic year, I invite our entire community to join hands in this journey. Teachers, students, parents, and community members – together, we shape the future. Let's celebrate the achievements, overcome the challenges, and create lasting memories that will define this chapter in the story of Ben Brite Elementary.

Here's to a year filled with growth, curiosity, and success. Welcome to Ben Brite Elementary School!
Yours in Education,


Myrta A. Castillo
Principal, Ben Brite Elementary